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 Bureau de Rech. Geol. et Min. (BRGM)
(1941-    )

The Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) is the French counterpart of the U.S. Geological Survey, or Department of Mines and Mineral Resources, though it amounts to a publicly owned corporation. In 1941, on the initiative of Edmond Friedel, engineer general of the mines, and Pierre Pruvost, senior member of the Faculty of Science at the University of Lille, the embryo of the current BRGM was created. It was primarily with the aim of creating data files on the subsurface geology of France that the Office of geological research and geophysics (BRGG)was created, a service external to the directorate of mines in the ministry for Industry. Work started, under the direction of Edmond Friedel, with the examination of all available information on underground mine workings in scientific publications, files of the various mining companies, and the collections of the geological laboratories of the Faculties of Science at the various French universities. At the same time, information concerning ore grades and old mining activity, the results of geophysical explorations and the data on underground cavities was collected. The first cartographic syntheses on the geophysics of France were then carried out.

In 1944, a decree made it compulsory to inform the Inspector of Mines of any underground work of more than 10 meters of depth, the BRGG being charged to assimilate and store this information. In 1950, the BRGG moved to a building on the rue Victoire, but the chemistry laboratory, necessary for the analysis of ores, was established on the rue Saint-Jacob. In 1953, the BRGG acquired financial autonomy and changes name, to become the Office of geological research, geophysics and mines of the Metropolitan France (BRGGM). In 1959 the merger of the overseas mining services and the BRGGM took place, and the BUMIFOM (the French Overseas Mining Office, created in 1948) finally took the current name of The Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (Office of geological and mining research) or BRGM.

In 1994 a reorganization took place with The objective of assigning each type of activity (scientific research, public utility, geo-engineering, mining) to the offices best adapted to the various trades. Thus, at the end of this reorganization, the BRGM, a publicly-owned establishment, now incorporates the missions of research and public utility as well as the overall functions of the Group; geo-engineering and mining activity are assigned to subsidiary companies. The offices of the BRGM today are in Paris and the city of Orleans, and each maintains fairly extensive research collections of minerals and rocks.

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The Mineralogical Record -  Bureau de Rech. Geol. et Min. (BRGM) 49 x 64 mm,
Paris office collection
The Mineralogical Record -  Bureau de Rech. Geol. et Min. (BRGM) 49 x 64 mm,
Paris office collection
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