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Johann F.A. Breithaupt

Johann Friedrich August Breithaupt was a Professor of Mineralogy at the prestigious Freiberg Mining Academy, the discoverer of 47 still-valid mineral species, and the author of Characteristik des Mineral Systems (1820), Vollstandiges Handbuch der Mineralogie (1841), Ueber die Echtheit der Krystalle (1815, on pseudonorphs), and Die Paragenesis der Mineralien (1849), among others. His term "paragenesis" remains important in mineralogy.

He was born in Probstzella, Germany on May 16, 1791, and studdied mathematics and science at the University of Jena. Discovering an interest in geology and mineralogy, he studied under A. G. Werner at the Freiberg Mining Academy. He was awarded an honorary PhD by the Universities of Jena and Marburg, and was later appointed Inspector of the Freiberg Mining Academy collections and also adjunct Professor of Mineralogy and Geology at the Academy from 1813 to 1826. He achieved full professorship in 1826, a position he held for the next 40 years. In recognition of his mineralogical achievements, the mineral breithauptite was named in his honor by Haidinger in 1845. He deid in Freiberg on September 22, 1873. He had no preprinted labels for his personal collection, but his handwriting was fairly distinctive.

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