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Adrien Braly

Adrien Braly, French chemist, prospector and mining engineer in Paris, was born March 13, 1864 in Montbrison, Loire, France. He collected many specimens on his prospecting expeditions and analyzed them in the laboratory of the Natural History Museum in Paris, where he devised many new blowpipe methods for analyzing ore minerals. A letter of his dated 1926 is on file with the Russian Academy of Sciences Archives; his letterhead reads: "Adrien Braly, Ingenieur-Conseil, 21 rue Poussin, Paris." In 1909 he published a small manual in St. Etienne entitled Laboratoire Portatif pour Essais des Minerais par la voie sèche, et nouvelle méthode de détermination du poids des boutons d'or et d'argent , sans le secours de la balance. ["Portable Laboratory for Assaying Minerals the Dry Way, and a new method of determining the weight of gold and silver buttons without the aid of a balance scale"], published on behalf of the Société d'Industrie Minérale Company, extracted from the company's bulletin and annual reports. This suggsts that perhaps Braly worked for the company, though perhaps only in a consulting capacity. He died in Paris on August 6, 1927.

SPENCER, L.J. (1930) Biographical notices of mineralogists recently deceased. Mineralogical Magazine, 22, no. 131, 388-389.
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