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Jack Boyle

John Claudius "Jack" Boyle was born in Ballymena, Ireland on June 12, 1887. He emigrated with his family to America and settled in Piladelphia, graduating from Central High School in 1905.His first hobby was botany, but under the influence of mineralogist Sam Gordon he became an avid mineral collector and joined the Philadelphia Mineral Club. He helped Gordon set up the first museum display of fluorescent minerals at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences in 1928 before moving to New York later that year. Boyle had worked as a ticket agent for various railroads, and as a travel agent for Thomas Cook & Sons. But in 1929, on the recommendation of Charles Toothaker (Curator of the Commercial Museum in Philadelphia), Boyle was hired as the staff mineralogist for the Brooklyn Children's Museum--a post he held for 18 years, until 1947. During his years there he inspired numerous children in his mineralogy classes with a love for the science. After being layed off at the museum he took a position with the Geology Department of the City College of New York until 1954. When he died in 1955 his mineral collection was purchased by one of his former students at the museum, Jane Kessler Hearn.

HOROWITZ, I. L. (1984) The legacy of Jack Boyle. Mineralogical Record, 15, 231-236.
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The Mineralogical Record - Jack Boyle 34 x 56 mm,
A label from his years in Philadelphia, before 1928.
The Mineralogical Record - Jack Boyle 50 x 85 mm,
A label from the time of his residence in Brookline, Pennsylvania, before 1928.
The Mineralogical Record - Jack Boyle 50 x 85 mm,
A label from the beginning of his time in Brooklyn, dated 1928.
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