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E. P. Bottley

Edgar Percy Bottley was born in Derbyshire, England between 1901 and 1909; he was always proud of being a Derbyshire man, claiming thus to be "more sharpened-up than the Southerners." He said he was "born curious" and that his interest in geology began with the find of a fossil when he was ten years oldó-he exchanged the specimen "to get a necklace for a little girl." Later in life geology also helped him find a wife, meeting the woman he was to marry on a trip down a coal mine when they were students.

With his wife Winifred, Percy founded a geological dealership at 27 Portland St., Derby, ca. 1928, having previously worked for the Derby-based brass founders John Smith & Co. The Bottleys had moved to "Lyell House," Shelton Lock, Derby by 1931. Little is known of the business at this period except that he dealt largely in microscope slides, having been taught thin-section cutting by W. Hemmingway of Derby. He offered an extensive range of sectioned rocks and minerals. His work was of a high standard. He became well-known when, in 1931, he and his wife took over the mineral specimen business established by J.R. Gregory and continued it as Gregory, Bottley & Company. The pre-war decline in the specimen market saw most other dealers go under, but Gregory, Bottley survived, absorbing many of the other London dealerships. He died February 8, 1980. The company was purchased by Brian Lloyd and is now known as "Gregory, Bottley & Lloyd."

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