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University of Bonn
(1818-    )

The University of Bonn was founded in 1818, and in that same year a university Museum of Natural History was established in Poppelsdorf Castle. The present-day museum of mineralogy and petrology evoled from the mineralogy department of that early museum. Under Gerhard vom Rath (who was Director of the Museum from 1872 to 1880) the Museum developed an international reputation. It't most important acquisition was the collection of mineral dealer August A. Krantz--14,000 specimens. In February 1945 much of the castle and its collections were destroyed by bombing. A number of generous gifts helped to restore the mineral collectin but it was not able to re-open to the public until 1956. The collection today contains over 50,00 mineral specimens; it is still housed and exhibited in Poppelsdoef Castle.

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