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Carolyn Weinberger

Carolyn Weinberger (daughter of the late Hilde and George Mayer) and her husband, Steve Weinberger, lived in Glyndon, Maryland. Although involved in slightly different aspects of the mineral and micromounting hobby, they formed together an inseparable unit whose influence was felt from coast to coast. Their interests and actions, while not identical, formed a cohesive whole covering a wide spectrum of mineral-related activity.

For more than 15 years, they served in Board positions in both the Micro Mineralogists of the National Capital Area and the Baltimore Mineral Society. Both also held positions in other mineral groups, including the Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS) and the American Federation of Mineral Societies (AFMS), in some cases for up to 35 years. Steve is a past president of both the EFMLS and AFMS, and Carolyn was editor of their newsletters for many years. Both taught micromounting classes at the EFMLS Wildacres Workshops, and were major organizers of the program there. They have also been honored with awards from the EFMLS, AFMS, and other mineral organizations for services rendered.

Their interests extended across the entire spectrum of the mineral hobby, and were not restricted to micromounts, but it is certain that neither the Atlantic nor the Paul Desautels conferences would be in their current states of good health without the contributions of the Weinbergers. Add to that the years of work done on The International Directory of Micromounters, and the evidence in support of their inclusion in the Hall of Fame is incontrovertible. Steve and Carolyn Weinberger were both elected to the Micromounters' Hall of Fame.
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