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Joel  Scarlett

Joel Baily Scarlett was born in New Garden, Chester County, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1828, the son of Quaker parents Lydia Baily and Nathaniel Scarlett, a farmer. Lydia was a descendant of Joel Baily, who arrived in America in 1681 and settled in the Chester County area in 1682. Son Joel became a farmer as well, and married Anne Chandler (1827-1857) in 1855, and together they had one daughter, Mary (1856). Anne died in 1857, and four years later Joel married Jane Richards (1834-1928); together Joel and Jane had two daughters: Annie (1865) and Phoebe (1868). Joel Scarlett's uncle was Joel Baily (1791-1862, brother of Lydia Baily), a well-established mineral collector in Chester County. When Joel Baily died in 1862 he passed his mineral collection to Joel Scarlett. Joel Scarlett died in Kennett Square, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on November 30, 1894. A correspondent identified only as "R.C.T." reported in the Friends Intelligencer (December 23, 1905, page 814), under the heading of "Swarthmore College Notes":

"The heirs of the late Joel Scarlett have presented to the college a collection of minerals consisting of 941 catalogued specimens and 700 not catalogued. This collection contains specimens of rare and valuable forms. It will be kept intact and known as the Joel Scarlett Mineral Collection."

Charles Pennypacker (writing in The Mineral Collector in February 1909) confirmed this disposition:

"One of these [barite] specimens was furnished by me to the late Joel Scarlett of Kennett Square, whose cabinet, after his death, was donated by his family to Swarthmore College, in Delaware County, Pa., where the specimens have now reached a final resting-place."

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