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Luigi Bombicci

Luigi Bombicci-Porta was a renowned Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Bologna. He was born in Siena, Italy on July 12, 1833, and was appointed to head the new mineralogical museum in Bologna when it was founded in 1860. He held the position until his death in 1903, and published many works on mineralogy including La classificazione naturale dei minerali (1861), Corso Di Mineralogia (1862-3), Mineralogia Generale (1880), and Le Collezioni di Mineralogia nella R. Universit`a Di Bologna (1888).

What is now known as the Luigi Bombicci Mineralogical Museum at the University of Bologna was founded (1860) when the Cabinet of Natural History of the Institute of Sciences was subdivided into the three sections of Mineralogy, Geology and Zoology. The mineralogical specimens from this collection were placed under the direction Prof. Luigi Bombicci, who was made chairman of the Mineralogy Department and Director of the Museum. Regularly enriched with new donations and by a complex system of exchanges, the Museum now possesses 50,000 specimens, 10,000 of which are on display in the following collections: Systematic Mineralogical, Italian Regional Mineralogical, Bolognese Mineralogical-Petrographical, Systematic Petrographical, Ancient and Modern Stones of Architect Sarti, Meteorites, Ambers. Minor but significant collections include: Fluorescent Minerals, Ancient optical instruments, and Lithic materials used by man since Prehistoric times.
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