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Geronimo Borao

In the 1870s is a spectacular 20-cm specimen of halite with 4-cm crystals from Remolinos, Aragon, Spain, was donated to the Colegio del Salvador in Zaragoza, Spain, by Geronimo Borao, an author and politician from Aragon.

Borao studied mathematics at the Colegio de los Escolapios and later at the University of Zaragoza, where he graduated in literature and law. In 1847 he was appointed head of the General and Spanish Literature Department, at the University of Zaragoza where he was rector on three occasions: 1855-1856, 1868-1872, 1874-1879).

As a politician he was linked to the Progressive Party of Espartero, being a deputy in Cortes by the city of Zaragoza during 1854-1856. A versatile man, he collaborated in the writing of different magazines of the time like La Libertad, El Zaragozano, La Aurora, El Suspiro and Revista de Aragón, and cultivated various literary genres. As a mathematician he published (under the pseudonym of “Rogerio”) a course in arithmetic by Antonio Gallifa in 1845, and as a philologist and historian specializing in Aragon subjects in particular, he wrote Dictionary of Aragonese Voices, Printing in Zaragoza and his Historia de la Universidad de Zaragoza.
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