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Longinos Navás y Ferrer

Longinos Navás Ferrer, a Jesuit priest at the Colegio del Salvador school in Zaragoza, Spain, was known worldwide for his studies on entomology, and particularly on the Neuroptera. He described 388 new insect genera and 2,684 new insect species.

Between 1892 and 1933 Navás served as curator of the entire collection of natural sciences of the Salvador school, including minerals. Navás completely reorganized the mineral collection, affixing an adhesive label to the majority of the specimens, in his handwriting, with the name and locality of the mineral. In some cases the cardboard label that must have been present next to the specimen in the exhibition cabinets has also been preserved. Specimens from the collection of Felipe Naranjo y Garza ( 1809-1877; a famous Spanish mining engineer, mineralogist and Professor of Mineralogy at the School of Mining Engineering in Madrid) that have been identified from among the collection of Salvador College deposited at the University of Zaragoza all have a label in the handwriting of Navás.

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The Mineralogical Record - Longinos Navás y Ferrer Longinos Navas ca. 1937. (courtesy of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the University of Zaragoza)
The Mineralogical Record - Longinos Navás y Ferrer Small adhesive label for a specimen from the Naranjo collection, in Navas's handwriting. Courtesy of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the University of Zaragoza.

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