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Max Grundey

Max Grundey was born in Cosel (Koźle) in Upper Silesia on February 10, 1856. To date, very little information is known about his private life. He was a geologist and Obermarkscheider in the service of the Prussian government and thus one of the leading economic geologists of Silesia. Privately, he was an avid collector of minerals, rocks and fossils. In 1934, at the age of 78, he became the first Director of Geology and Mineralogy at the Gleiwitz (Gliwice) Museum. In 1945 he retired from that position and died a year later in Berlin, on January 16, 1946, at the age of 89. During his career he published only one study, on the Kieslingswald Limestone and its fossils (1896).

He donated fossil specimens to the Royal Imperial Natural History Museum in Vienna in 1907-1908; at the time he was a government surveyor living in Kattowitz. To the geological collection of Berlin (now Federal Institute for Geosciences and Raw Materials) he left a plethora of fossils including large numbers of vertebrates from the Upper Silesian mussel-rich limestones. The fossil lily Dadocrinus grundeyi is named after him.
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