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Jozsef Szabó

Dr. Jozsef Szabó de St. Miklós, Hungarian mineralogist and geologist, was born in Kalocsa, Hungary, on March 14, 1822, and died in Budapest on April 10, 1894, at the age of 73. He was well known for his studies in mineralogy, and he held the chairmanship in the Mineralogical Institute of Budapest University. He also served as President of the Hungarian Geological Society, and Secretary to the Natural Science Section of the Hungarian Academy. He was an enthusiastic collection, and provided many specimens to the university and other institutions. Szabó was a pioneer in the geological mapping of the Budapest region, and other areas of Hungary. He worked in association after 1858 with the Geologische Reichsanstalt, of Vienna, and made many studies of petrographic structures using the microscope and the application of flame tests in identifying minerals.

Szabó published the first modern university textbook on mineralogy written in Hungarian. His large Ásványtan (Mineralogy) reference book appeared in 1861. The first edition was followed by three revised and widely extended new editions. It had great influence in the Hungarian institutes of higher learning. In his books he emphasized the importance of the chemical properties of minerals and included several practical analytical methods for minerals which he developed himself.

In 1893, just a year before his death, the fourth edition of his Mineralogy was published. Mineralogy as a science had advanced so much since his first edition that Szabó felt he had to rewrite and enlarge almost all parts of the 1876 book. He presented the spherical projection, and started using Miller indices instead of Naumann notation. Discussions of pyroelectricity, piezoelectricity and magnetic properties of minerals were added. The Tables for Identification of Minerals were enlarged as well.
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The Mineralogical Record - Jozsef Szabó
The Mineralogical Record - Jozsef Szabó
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