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Franz Edward  Studt

Franz ("Frank") Edward Studt was born in the Pancras District of London on November 30, 1873, the son of Heinrich Studt, born ca. 1844 in Prussia, who immigrated to London to work as a tailor. Heinrich married Frederick[e] Charlotta ____ in England in 1871. During the next few years they had at least five children:
(1) Anna Studt, b. in London City 1872, died 1872;
(2) Franz Edward Studt, b. in Pancras 1873;
(3) Friedericke Mathilde Studt, b. in Pancras 1878;
(4) Hinrich Emmanuel Studt, b. in Pancras 1879, died 1880; and
(5) Lena Studt, b. in Holborn 1881, died 1882.

Franz's mother, Fredericke Charlotta Studt (born ca. 1845), died in early 1881, possibly of childbirth complications. Thus in 1881 Franz's father (who could not care for children alone) placed him (age 7) and his 3-year-old sister Friedericke temporarily in the care of a children's boarding school, the Sydney Nursery Convalescent Home in the village of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Heinrich remarried in July 1881, to Maria Glasenapp, and Franz rejoined the family in Stockport, which, by 1881, consisted of Heinrich (Henry) and Maria plus their children Franz (now age 17 and working with his father as a tailor's assistant), Emma (15), Fredericka (13), Clara (9), Max (3) and Eda (1).

According to his granddaughter, Dinah Studt Pantic (a petroleum geologist), Studt was trained as a metallurgist and geologist, graduating from Imperial College in London about 1898, so he must have enrolled in the early 1890s.

After graduation Franz worked in London and in the Belgian Congo for about 20 years for a Belgian mining company, Tanganyika Concessions Ltd., and also did work for Union Minière du Haut Katanga Company. As of 1911 Franz (age 37) was living alone in London, still employed as mining engineer and probably commuting for long periods to the Belgian Congo. In 1913 he published the first geological map of Katanga in Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa. As of early 1914 he was back in England, living in Bridgewater Villa, Cheshire.

Franz married Florence Lillie ______ around 1914 and they lived at 33 Crofton Road in Ealing West, Middlesex, London, for the rest of their lives. Franz continued to work in metallurgy and registered several patents in the U.S. (listing himself as a subject of the King of Great Britain and resident in London). The patents had to do with acid leaching of copper from ore and electrolytic separation (patent 1,260,380, filed in 1917; patent 2,653,905, filed 1948). In 1947, Franz was honored by the naming of the new uranium oxide-hydroxide mineral studtite, described from the Shinkolobwe mine in Katanga by his former Congo cohort, Johannes Franciscus Vaes (1902-1978).

Franz's eldest son, Franz Edward Studt, Jr. (born June 4, 1914 in Stockport, England; died October 6, 1986, in Wellington), was a mining engineer in Rhodesia for 10 years. He became a geophysicist and immigrated to New Zealand ca. 1949. Franz (Sr.) traveled to New Zealand with his wife in 1951, at the age of 77, no doubt to see their son and grandchildren one last time, then returned to England. (The passenger list gives his occupation as "retired geologist.")

Franz Edward Studt (Sr.) died on July 3, 1953, in Holborn, England, at the Homeopathic Hospital on Great Ormond Street. His widow, Florence Lillie Studt, survived him (born 1874; died on January 24, 1954). His estate amounted to about £16,000. Their heirs as of 1954 were listed as Florence Lily Studt (unmarried) and William Henry Studt, a schoolmaster. His other son, Franz Edward Jr. (along with his wife Marjorie, son Christopher and daughter Dinah, age 2), returned to England from New Zealand for the funeral in January 1954.


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