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Joe Marty
(1945-    )

Joseph "Joe" M. Marty was born in Stockton, California on November 3, 1945, and grew up in Tracy, California. After high school he joined the US Navy and worked as a medical aide. When he left the Navy, he went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where he became interested in minerals.

After graduation, Joe moved to Pocatello, Idaho, where he joined the Southeast Idaho Gem and Mineral Society. In 1972, he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and attended the University of Utah, earning an MSc Degree in Medical Technology in 1976. In the meantime, Joe was collecting in the Topaz Mountain area of the Thomas Range in Utah.

In 1980, Joe became a full-time faculty member at the School of Medicine, University of Utah, in the Department of Pathology, ultimately becoming Director of the Hematopathology Laboratory. He also started a microscope cleaning and servicing business ("Marty's Microscope Service").

Joe has co-authored numerous papers on mineral localities in Utah, and is a member of several mineral societies in the Southwest. He has also developed skills as a photomicrographer, and has had a one-man show of his work. He has contributed many photographs to Mindat, and has built a collection of over 15,000 micromounts. He has been instrumental in the discovery of many new minerals, and is a welcome speaker at mineralogical events throughout the USA and Canada. His work in that respect earned him induction into the Micromounters' Hall of Fame in 2005. The Mineralogical Association of Canada awarded him the prestigious Pinch Medal in 2015. He also has a mineral named in his honor: martyite, a hydrated zinc vanadate. The type locality is the Blue Cap mine, Lion Canyon, La Sal District (Paradox Valley District), San Juan County, Utah.

Micronews of the Canadian Micro Mineral Association, v. 51, no. 5, p. 12-13.
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