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Hans Engelbrecht
(1937-    )

Hans Engelbrecht was born in Goldkronach, Bavaria (Germany) in 1937. In 1975, he and his wife Anita were married; they have a son, Christoph, and live today in Marktrodach, Bavaria.

In the 1950s Hans worked as a professional typesetter in Frankfurt/Main, where a colleague who was a mineral collector aroused his interest in minerals. When he went back to his native Northern Bavaria in the early 1960s, he started actively collecting. Soon he was traveling frequently to nearby Czechoslovakia and there he was able to purchase a good assortment of mineral specimens from localities such as Schlaggenwald, Zinnwald, Medenec and Pribram. His wife occasionally accompanied him on these trips, supporting his hobby and also enjoying the minerals. Over the years he has been able to acquire various rarities and specimens from old collections, including some with historical provenance.

Around 1990, political changes (the fall of the Soviet Union) ushered in a heyday for mineral collectors. Hans was able to enrich his collection with many Russian and Romanian specimens, especially through exchanges in Prague, Tisnov, and Munich. He has always sought undamaged, aesthetic specimens, the size being relatively unimportant. Specialties include specimens from the Fichtelgebirge (Bavaria), Bohemia, Namibia, Romania and the former Soviet Union, along with other localities worldwide.
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