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Franz Häfliger

Franz Häfliger, PhD, was born in Basel, Switzerland on January 19, 1915 and died in Altdorf on September 9, 1972. After completing his studies he lived in Basel and worked as a chemist for various companies (and later as director and head of research for Geigy).

Franz Häfliger developed an interest in minerals and began to collect in the canton of Uri, in the Swiss Alps, probably in the 1950s or before. For several weeks each year he would vacation in the village of Gurtnellen, living with the Sicher family. He did quite a bit of field collecting near Göschenen and built a wonderful collection. He was an advanced collector, and was a very good customer of Martin Ehrmann and other top dealers of the time. Herb Obodda met him around 1960, when Häfliger started visiting Ron Romanella's office in New York, where Herb worked.

In 1962 Franz Häfliger became a member of the newly established Urner Mineralienfreunde society of Swiss mineral collectors. He was also involved in the founding of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lengenbach in 1963 (see

In 1965 Franz Häfliger established a fund of 200,000 Swiss Francs for the purpose of providing scholarships to support young, talented, impoverished students in their professional training. Ten years later the foundation called the Dr. Franz Häfliger-Stiftung was established by the government of the canton Uri.

Franz Häfliger died unmarried and without any descendants.
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The Mineralogical Record - Franz Häfliger
The Mineralogical Record - Franz Häfliger
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