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Edmund W. Rundell

Edmund Waller Rundell (1768-1857) was born in Bath, Somerset, England in 1768, the son of Maria Statira Ketelby (1747-1828) and Thomas Rundell (1733-1800; brother of Philip Rundell, 1716-1827). Edmund became, in 1804/5, a partner in the prominent jewelry and silverware firm (Rundell & Bridge, thus renamed Rundell, Bridge & Rundell) founded in 1788 by his wealthy uncle Philip Rundell (1716-1827). In December 1804 he also married Mary Ann Cope. In 1824 he was appointed to the Management Committee of the newly formed Thames Water Company which was to provide safe water from the Thames. Upon his uncle Philip's death in 1827, Edmund received a bequest of a share in the family jewelry business, an estate (Monckton House) in West Monckton, Somerset, and 10,000 (plus another 10,000 to Edmund's wife Mary). He also possessed a Royal lease for mining and minerals in Nova Scotia. He served on the Council of the Geological Society (1817). He died in January 1857.

Edmund was a mineral collector, mentioned several times by James Sowerby in his Exotic Mineralogy (1811-1817), which contains hand-painted illustrations of four of his specimens: Euclase (plate XXVIII); Acanthite (plate XXXII); Pyrargyrite from St. Andreasberg, Saxony (plate XXXIII); and Corundum (plate XLV).
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