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August Geisler

Heinrich Gotthilf August Geisler (or Geißler) – he was known as August – was born in Leipzig, Germany, on November 25, 1772, and died in 1839. He was a mineral dealer in Göttingen, Germany, specializing in British and American minerals. Karl Feidler, writing in the Annalen der Physik (1819), mentions "Mr. Geisler, mineral dealer in Göttingen, who I met in Blankenburg," by which time Geissler was already 47 years old. Where he obtained his education in mineralogy is unknown, but odds are it was at the University of Leipzig.

In 1826 the Deutschland Geognostisch-Geognostisch Dargestellt ... Eine Zeitschrift (vol., 4, no. 1) noted that "The mineral dealership of Geisler [in Göttingen] has always sold a good variety of interesting minerals and small useful oryctognostic and geognostic Collections." J. F. Blumenbach's Handbuch der Naturgeschichte (1830) mentions the mineral dealership of Geisler in Göttingen. Schenkenberg's Die Lebenden Mineralogen ("The Living Mineralogists"), published in 1842, lists the Mineralien-Niederlage ("Mineral Dealership") of Geisler; perhaps not aware of Geisler's death in 1839.

Geisler was listed as a dealer in Die Naturforscher ("The Naturalist") in 1856, 17 years after his death. It is probable that his business had been taken over by another (perhaps a family member) and retained the Geisler name. No labels from the dealership are known, though they must have existed.

Geisler married Henrietta Schmenterloy; their son, Franz Wilhelm Robert Geissler, was born in Göttingen on February 7, 1819. Heinrich wanted him to study mineralogy and chemistry, perhaps preparatory to taking over the family business, but Franz disliked the subjects, and in any case his parents had insufficient assets to support him at a university, so he became a painter of porcelain.
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