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Josef Strobach

Josef Karl Strobach was born in Wernstadt, Bohemia, on December 24, 1852. He was a dealer in teaching supplies, including boxed sets of mineral specimens. After working for a few years in the bookstore of his uncle, then in the Postal Service in Prague, and after that in various bookstores in Germany, Strobach moved to Vienna in 1872, and became politically active in the Christian Socialist movement. He bought a house and ran for office, won a seat on the local council, was granted citizenship in 1888, served as Mayor of Vienna in 1896-1897 (at 44 years old he was the youngest Mayor in the history of Vienna) and Deputy Mayor in 1898-1905.

From 1878 to 1893 he worked in a local bookbindery. Strobach's shop, Allgemeine Lehrmittel-Anstalt, ("General Education Supplies") was founded in 1883 and located at Weihburggasse 7 in Vienna. He also sold games and classroom materials for kindergarten and middle school.

Strobachgasse in Vienna is named in his honor. He married Theresa Breitessner, and from her family they inherited a house in the in the Margareten neighborhood in Vienna. He died in Vienna on November 5, 1905, and is buried in the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery.

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