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Edwin C. Atkinson

Edwin Corlies Atkinson was born in Philadelphia on April 13, 1864, the son of Susan "Sarah" Allinson Corlies and Henry Atkinson (1827-1884), a dealer in furniture. Being a Quaker, he was probably educated at the Friends School in Philadelphia.

In 1887 Atkinson and his partner, George L. English, opened a store in Philadelphia at 1512 Chestnut Street. Their stock consisted of "a truly wonderful assortment" of Arizona wulfenites, vanadinites, azurites, and malachites in addition to fine crystallized Franklin fowlerites." Atkinson probably played only a minor role in the business, since his name never appeared on labels or in advertising, and he applied for a travel passport only once, in 1891, whereas English went on buying trips regularly. In 1893, English purchased full control of the business from Atkinson, closing their Philadelphia shop and moving all operations to the New York office.

Thereafter, Atkinson made his living primarily as a photographer and tour guide. He applied for passports in 1904, 1910, 1912, 1917 and 1920, leading tour groups through Europe, Egypt, Greece and Italy regularly in those years. On the 1910 census he described his occupation as "photographer, own studio," and on the 1920 Census as "tourist agent, own company."

Edwin Atkinson appears never to have married; he lived with his widowed mother in later years, and died in Philadelphia on December 17, 1922, at the age of 57.

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