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Massimo Galimberti
(1947-    )

Massimo Galimberti is a mineral collector and dealer in Arezzo, Italy. He was born in 1947 and began collecting minerals, mainly native elements and sulfides, in 1970 (according to an old pamphlet on Italian collectors). He did a significant amount of traveling to mineral localities and shows (Morocco, Eastern Europe, etc.) ahead of most other Italian collectors, and was a frequent dealer at Italian mineral shows. His specialty was Tuscan stibnite (mostly self-collected), which explains the stibnite formula (Sb2S3) on his labels. He occasionally had mineralogical books and reprints for sale as well; Arezzo is a well-known marketplace for old books and documents. Massimo disappeared from the mineral scene around 2006 – perhaps due to health problems.
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The Mineralogical Record - Massimo Galimberti Massimo Galimberti at the 2006 Bologna Show
(John Veevaert photo)
The Mineralogical Record - Massimo Galimberti (Jean-François Bernardet collection)
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