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Anton Seifert

Anton Seifert was born in Bohemia (today the Czech Republic) on April 11, 1815, the son of Leopold Seifert, a shoemaker in Teplitz who had operated a mineral business there since the beginning of the 1800s. Following Leopold's death the dealership was transferred to his son, Anton, in whose hands (especially in the 1850s and 1860s) it underwent a major expansion.

In 1877, R. Raffelt wrote that “Mr. A. Seifert (a widely known dealer and collector) assured me that, during more than 40 years of collecting in the limestones of the region, only a few times had he been lucky enough to find a Ptychodus (shark) tooth.” This suggests that Anton Seifert began collecting around 1835, when he would have been about 20 years old.

The "Mineralienhändler Seifert in Teplitz" was cited by Prof. R. von Reuss (Verhandlungen der K. K. Geologischen Reichsanstalt, 1871, no. 14) as a source of specimens of hyalite from Waltsch, Bohemia, and also new discoveries of comptonite and aragonite from that locality.

Seifert exploited the local ore occurrences to obtain good exchange material and set up a stock containing exquisite specimens of minerals from all of the European countries, including the still rare Swedish and Russian minerals. Seifert's business compared well with the dealerships of August Krantz in Bonn and the Heidelberger Mineralien-Comptoir, contributing significantly to the spread of Bohemian minerals to satisfy the demand of zealous collectors.

Upon the death of Anton Seifert in 1879, his remaining stock (numbering about 40,000 specimens of minerals, rocks and fossils) passed to his heirs. Wrany wrote in 1896 that "the number of mineral dealers has significantly increased in the last decade, but hardly any have the storehouse once provided by Seifert in Teplitz, not just for the demands of numerous systematic collectors, but also for the needs of the many newly constructed and yet-to-be built schools."

WRANY, A. (1896) Die Pflege der Mineralogie in Böhmen. Ein Beitrag zur vaterländischen Geschichte ... Prag, VIII + 421 pp.
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