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Unknown Irish or French collection that was acquired by the Geological Museum in South Kensington, England in the early 1900s(?).

The label we have (attached) is in French. The only hint at a connection I can find is that (a) the first Viscount Doneraile in County Cork was Arthur St. Leger (died 1727); and (b) there was an Andre Maurice de St. Leger, polytechnician, mining official, Chief Engineer to the imperial Corps of Mines, Director General of the Paris region steam engines, Councillor of Seine-Inférieure, who assembled an exceptional collection of minerals, the greater part of which went to the Ecole des mines of Alès. His father, Jean Maurice de St. Leger, had a patent for making and selling cement in England, so maybe some family members moved there. Their descendant, Edward Viscount Doneraile (b. ca. 1867 in Scotton, Lincolnshire) was living in London in 1911. Maybe the "Doneraile Collection" was the remnants of an old family collection. The Viscounts Doneraile owned marble quarries in Cork.
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The Mineralogical Record -  Doneraile An original handwritten Doneraile label stamped with the name when the collection was acquired by the Geological Museum in South Kensington, England.
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