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August Liebegott Sack
(ca. 1800-ca.1870)

Dr. August Liebegott Sack, a man of independent means, was born in Magdeburg, Germany, on April 28, 1796 (whether he is related to the family of Baron Johannes August Sack of the Prussian Rhineland is unknown). He attended the Joachimsthaler Gymnasium in Berlin, preparatory to becoming a mining apprentice, and later worked in Niederschlesien and in Siegen. In the years 1817-1820, he studied at the Bergakademie in Freiberg and taught mining science at the Bergschule in Essen, then as a private tutor in Bonn. Beginning in 1832 he lived in Halle on the Saale River.

Sack became a well-known mineral dealer, fossil collector and lecturer in Halle. In a communication published in the Journal für Chemie und Physik, Sack is described as a former student of mineralogy in Bonn, who has moved with his stock of 40,000 mineral specimens to Halle. This collection was installed on the ground floor of a private museum which he arranged according to the system of his first teacher, J. F. Mohs, right next door to the University of Halle. The Polytechnic University of Aachen acquired 9,648 mineral specimens and 1,808 rock samples from the Sack collection; these have since formed the core of the university's collection. Other institutions also received portions of the collection.
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