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C. H. Stubbs

Charles Henry Stubbs was born in Fulton Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1839, the son of Rachael H. Kirk and Jeremiah B. Stubbs, a physician. He married Sarah Brown Haines in 1868, and together they had two sons: Clarence (1869) and Ambrose (1874).

Stubbs attended Millersville Normal School and began studying medicine under his father's direction in 1861, graduating from Jefferson Medical College in 1863. He served on the floating hospital ship Louisiana and by the end of the Civil War was assistant surgeon of the 40th Volunteer Militia and was on the staff of the U.S.A. Hospital in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After the war he not only practiced medicine with his father, specializing in the treatment of children's diseases and pneumonia, but pursued several other interests including serving on the Board of Directors of the Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railroad, and publishing a genealogy of the Kirk family. Being a physician, he was comfortably well-to-do in 1880, with two live-in household servants.

The natural sciences were a pleasure to him, and he possessed considerable knowledge of mineralogy, building one of the finest collections of minerals, fossils and Indian relics in the county. He was a corresponding member of the Linnaean Society of Lancaster, and of the Maryland Academy of Science, and his papers on mineralogy, archaeology and kindred subjects were widely read. He ultimately disposed of his collection of Indian relics to a daughter of Asa Packer, who donated them to the museum of Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He also built a fine library of several hundred volumes.

In 1884 he suffered a stroke and partial paralysis, and temporarily gave up practice of medicine. In 1886, having sufficiently recovered, he took an extended trip to the Pacific Coast, at the same time taking the opportunity to add to his collection of minerals. After his return he resumed practice and continued to the last, having only half an hour before his death returned from the bedside of a sick child. He died of a heart attack at the age of 51, on November 19, 1891, in Lancaster County.

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