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Raymond R. Hibbard

Raymond Roland Hibbard was born in Buffalo, New York on June 22, 1895, the son of Hannah Katherine ____ and Frank Hibbard, a car painter. He graduated from Public School 39 and served in the US Army during WWI as private first class in Company C, 212th Engineers. By 1920 he had become an optician and lens grinder in an eyeglasses shop in Buffalo, had married Esther E. Purucker and they had a son, Raymond E. Hibbard.

Hibbard was primarily a fossil collector, specializing in microfossils such as conodonts, bryzoans and scolecodonts; his mentor was Dr. Ray Bassler, Curator of Geology at the Smithsonian. Hibbard eventually built a collection of over 100,000 specimens, and became recognized as a competent paleontologist despite his lack of formal training. He was elected a Member of the Paleontological Society in1920. But he also collected minerals, as evidenced by his labels.

Hibbard donated many self-collected fossils to the Smithsonian in the early 1920s; the conodont genus Hibbardella, the conodont species Ligonodina hibbardi, and scolecodont species Lumbriconereitis hibbardi were named in his honor. He was an Associate of the Buffalo Natural History Museum, and had several publications to his credit, including "Conodonts from the Portage Group of Western New York" in the American Journal of Science in 1927, and "Additions to the Devonian Conodont Faunas of Western New York" in the Journal of Paleontology in 1948.

The University of Michigan purchased his collection of Paleozoic invertebrate fossils following his death in 1957. The disposition of his minerals is unknown.

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