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Hans Kiefer

Hans Kiefer was the "Konservator" (Curator) of the Natural History Museum in the Admont Benedictine Monastery: There has been a "musaeum" in the monastery since Baroque times. Early in the 19th century Abbot Gotthard Kuglmayr (reigned 1788-1818) acquired several collections: a collection of minerals, a xylothek (forest botany collection in book form) and various herb collections. Abbot Gotthard founded in 1809 the "Natural History Cabinet" with these and some ethnological and archaeological specimens. Unfortunately a devastating fire in 1865 destroyed the Natural History Cabinet. One year after the fire a 20-year-old named Gabriel Strobl entered Admont Monastery and was entrusted with rebuilding the Natural History Museum. In 44 years of work (up to 1910) Father Strobl built up the Museum anew. In the difficult period of the "annexation" of Austria to Faschist Germany in 1938 and the expropriation of Admont Monastery by the National Socialists (Nazis) in 1939, during the following war years and until 1949, the then curator of the Natural History Museum, Hans Kiefer (1875-1949), did sterling service in caring for the inventory. Above all Kiefer attempted to restore the collections back to the Admont Monastery, which had been removed to the Graz Joanneum during the war years. Apparently Kiefer traded/sold specimens to Anton Berger from Kiefer's personal mineral collection rather than from the museum collection.

KREISSL, E. & FRANTZ, K. (1993) Hans KIEFER und Johann MOOSBRUGGER, zwei bedeutende Männer für die Erforschung der Insektenfauna des steirischen Ennsgebietes (mit Schriftenverzeichnis; dort weitere Literatur). Mitteilungen der Abteilung Zoologie Landesmuseum Joanneum, 47, 119-126.
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The Mineralogical Record - Hans Kiefer Hans Kiefer
The Mineralogical Record - Hans Kiefer 55 x 79 mm;
Anton Berger label for a specimen from the Hans Kiefer collection.
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