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 Mine Hill Mineral Shoppe     

The Mine Hill Mineral Shoppe was located at 59 Main Street, Franklin, New Jersey (P. O. Box 223). It was operated as a partnership between Chester S. "Chet" Lemanski, Jr. and a miner named Donald ("Quickie") Quick. They may have met when Chet worked at Sterling Hill as a miner, or because Chet was a very active collector in the 1960s and 1970s and bought from Quick. The Shoppe was open sometime during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and probably stayed in business for only a few years. Even when it was in business the store was often closed because both Chet and Don had jobs. It was not a glamorous establishment but had a lot of freshly mined specimens from a period when much good material was coming out of the Sterling Hill mine. For example the Sterling Hill uraninite specimen that Frondel used to age-date the orebodies was obtained from the Mine Hill Mineral Shoppe by Charles Key and traded to Harvard. This was the specimen that also added uranophane to the Franklin/Sterling Hill species list.

Richard Bostwick, personal communication.
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