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Paul  MichaŽlis
(fl. 1917-1933)

Dr. Paul MichaŽlis was a pharmacist and a dealer in minerals, rocks and fossils in Dresden-Blasewitz, Germany; he was active at least from 1917 to 1933.

An ad in the Pharmazeutische Zentralhalle fŁr Deutchland (Dresden, January 11, 1917) reads (translated):

Pharmaceutical mineral collection following the textbook Schule der Pharmazie by D. H. Thomas, O Schlickum et al., put together by Dr. Paul MichaŽlis, pharmacist in Dresden-Blasewitz. Schubertstrasse 8 (Sšchsische Mineralien- und Lehrmittelhandlung) ("Saxon Minerals and Teaching Aids dealership"). The collection includes a directory listing: mineralogical description, German name, chemical formula and composition, crystal system, most important occurrence and locality. The collection is available in three versions: A 25 M; B 40 M; C 50 M ["M" presumably referring to the price in Deutschmarks]. A price list of minerals is attached as a supplement to the above collection.

An ad also appeared in a 1933 issue of Der Umschau, offering minerals, rocks and fossil specimens.

He used two sizes of labels; some labels give his full company name (Sšchsische Mineralien- und Lehrmittelhandlung) and some do not. Some carry handwritten information but most have been filled out by typewriter.
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The Mineralogical Record - Paul  MichaŽlis Handwritten small label, 45 x 54 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Paul  MichaŽlis Handwritten, small label, 45 x 54 mm
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The Mineralogical Record - Paul  MichaŽlis Typed large label, 55 x 72 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Paul  MichaŽlis Typed large label with company name, 55 x 71 mm
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