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Eli H.  Chandler

Eli Hayes Chandler was born in Beaver Valley, Newcastle County, Delaware on October 17, 1857, the son of Rachel C. Garret (b. 1836 in Delaware) and Hayes Chandler (a farmer, born 1820 in Delaware, died 1886). He married Laura P. Minster in 1881 in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, where her family lived. Together they had one daughter, Edith Minster Chandler, born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1884.

Eli read law with Henry C. Conrad, of Wilmington, Delaware, was graduated from the Law Department at the University of Iowa in 1878, and was admitted to bar in Wilmington, Delaware in December 1878.

He then settled in Topeka, Kansas from 1879 to 1885 (Eli H. Chandler & Company, with partner H. N. Castle, as attorneys, and mortgage, loan and real estate brokers), where he apparently started (or at least formalized with labels) his mineral collection, based on the only known specimen label. At least one specimen from his collection was acquired by the prominent mineral collector William Jefferis (1820-1906) of West Chester, who may have been the inspiration for the building of his mineral collection.

Eli and his wife lived in Kansas City, Kansas from 1886 to 1894, where he worked as Manager of the English & American Mortgage Company. In 1890 a notice in the Lawrence Gazette proclaimed that: "The President has recognized Eli Hayes Chandler as British Vice-Consul for Jackson County in the State of Missouri and for the State of Kansas, to reside in Kansas City." He was also chosen as a delegate for Jackson County, Missouri and Kansas to the National Republican Convention in 1896.

Eli and his wife then lived in Marietta, Georgia from 1894 to 1897. They then moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1898, where he was admitted to bar of New Jersey that same year, and lived there until his death in 1916, probably making regular visits to West Chester, Pennsylvania.

He served as Vice President of the Pennsylvania Gas Fixture Company in Philadelphia in 1904 (while residing in Atlantic City) and was in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1914, where he apparently purchased a retirement property near his wife's relatives; he was listed as a "lawyer & farmer." In Atlantic City he had law offices with his partner Richard H. Robinson. He died in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania and was buried there on October 8, 1919.

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The Mineralogical Record - Eli H.  Chandler
The Mineralogical Record - Eli H.  Chandler 50 x 67 mm;
Label for a specimen in the Wm. Jefferis collection, courtesy of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
The Mineralogical Record - Eli H.  Chandler Eli Chandler and his wife Laura, taken while living in Topeka, Kansas (1879-1885)
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