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Walter G. Hubbard

Walter George Hubbard was born in Iola, Allen County, Kansas in 1873, the son of Olive Maynard and John Clabourn Hubbard (1840-1916). In 1874 the family moved to Granby, Missouri where John engaged in the grocery business. Selling out in 1879, John moved his family to Leadville, Colorado where he furnished transportation for the railroad survey and operated a feed store. In 1883 the family resettled in Galena, Illinois where John began prospecting and mining for lead and met with fair success. In 1896 the family finally settled in Shawnee Township, Cherokee County, Kansas where John became a prominent and very prosperous farmer and cattleman.

Walter Hubbard moved to Bisbee, Arizona around 1899, where he worked for a year in the famous Copper Queen mine. Following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his father, he achieved success in a number of fields. He took over the management of the B. F. Graham Undertaking Company and bought an interest in it. Selling out in 1901, be bought a half-interest in a livery stable and established his own undertaking parlor. In 1909 he and his partner, J. J. Bowen, established the Bisbee Auto Company, selling Studebakers. He owned a tract of land in Dade County, Florida and was the proprietor of the Pawnee Mill and Elevator Company, located at Pawnee, Oklahoma, where he also owned a farm of 260 acres. He was also a stockholder in the Hubbard Mining and Milling Company near Joplin, Missouri. In 1915 he was one of the incorporators of the Bisbee Copper Development & Mining Company (serving as treasurer) and he was also one of the incorporators of the Gila Land and Water Company (serving as both secretary and treasurer). Of the short-lived Bisbee Copper Development & Mining Company, the 1922 edition of The Mines Handbook notes: "[the operation is] idle and mail returned from the former office" and "...the claims are entirely outside of the mineralized area and have little, if any, chance of becoming profitably productive."

Hubbard married Katheryne Hanley of Tombstone in 1903, but she died four years later. Together they had at one sonóJohn Clabourn Hubbard (born 1907). Hubbard then married Elora G. Harper (1890-1976; her father managed Hubbard's mill in Pawnee, Oklahoma) in 1908, and together they had one son, Walter George Hubbard, Jr. (born 1909 in Bisbee; died 1979 in San Diego) and one daughter, Bettie Ruth (born 1917). By 1930 the family had moved to San Diego, where son John worked as an embalmer in a mortuary. Around 1936 George Sr. died; his widow Elora continued living in the family home with George, Jr. (by then the proprietor of the Hubbard Casket Company) in San Diego.

Hubbard (as a mine owner) was charged with kidnapping and conspiracy in connection with the famous Bisbee Deportation of 1917, in which 1,136 striking, unionized mine workers were forcibly deported at gunpoint to New Mexico in cattle cars. Ultimately his case was dismissed.

Hubbard was a mineral collector, and put away 110 specimens of Bisbee minerals, mostly azurite, malachite, calcite and cuprite. Following his death the collection was packed in a fruit crate, and remained in storage owned by his descendants until just recently, when it was rediscovered and sold to Jim Parrish, who sold it to Steve Hardinger (

(Photos courtesy of Steve Hardinger.)

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The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Copper, Bisbee, 4.8 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Copper, Bisbee, 7.1 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Azurite, Bisbee, 4.1 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Malachite, Bisbee, 10 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Malachite, Bisbee, 7.3 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Calcite, Bisbee, 12.7 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
The Mineralogical Record - Walter G. Hubbard Calcite, Bisbee, 11 cm
(Hubbard Collection)
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