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Wilbert R.  Danner

Wilbert R. "Ted" Danner was born in Morningside, King County, Washington on February 28, 1924, the son of Imogene Breed and William Delbert Danner, a farmer and salesman in a florist shop. Danner received his PhD in Washington and came to Vancouver and the University of British Columbia as a Professor of Geology in 1954. He had no close family, and never married, but dedicated much of his life to scouting, his geological research and his university teaching position.

Danner is the author of Some Fossil Worm Tubes of Western Washington (1955), Permian Microfossils of Northwestern Washington (1958), Guidebook for Geological Fieldtrips in Southwestern British Columbia (1960), Guidebook for Geological Field Trips, San Juan Island, Washington (1965), Limestone Resources of Western Washington (1966), Carboniferous System of the Western Cordillera of South-western British Columbia and North-western Washington (1970), Reading About Science 3 (1971), The Geology of Olympic National Park (1970), Siliceous Deposits (1979), The Pseudocoprolites of Salmon Creek, Washington (1994), and Early and Middle Pennsylvanian Fusulinids from Southern British Columbia (1994) among others. He was a 50-Year Fellow of the Geological Society of America.

As a Professor and eventually Professor Emeritus at UBC, Danner's main field of professional interest was carbonate petrology. He taught the introductory geology course for many years, and sparked an initial interest in geology among many students. His advanced courses were mainly in his field of professional interest but he also took delight in occurrences of placer minerals such as gold and platinum, unusual mineral specimens and unique geological situations. He taught a gem mineralogy course at UBC that was very popular and continued teaching this course into his late 1970s.

His corresponded with people all over the world who shared his interests of geology, stamp collecting or coins. His Christmas cards always had a unique photo of a scene or geologic detail from somewhere in the world that his recent travels had taken him and were awaited with interest each year by his correspondents. In 1970 he became a charter subscriber to The Mineralogical Record and never let his subscription lapse.

Danner was active in the Boy Scouts, both in the US and Canada. He loved the outdoors and took his Scouts on numerous wilderness adventures, passing on to most of them a similar appreciation and respect for our planet. The boys were always encouraged to leave a campsite in better shape than they found it. Many of these wilderness trips were also geological field trips where Danner would continue his research studies of the geological history of the Pacific Northwest. He educated the boys about rocks, minerals, and fossils, and a great number of them went on to take courses or pursue careers in the geological sciences.

Danner was a respected professor and teacher, and a positive influence on many of his students. He established two geological scholarships at UBC with the proceeds of the return of bottles and cans that he collected weekly on campus. Rather than have the awards in his name, as the administration would have preferred, he insisted it be called the "Beer-Pop Can-Bottle Deposit Refund Award.

Wilbert Danner died in Vancouver on May 26, 2012.
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