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Fred C. Schaefermeyer
(1919-    )

Fred Schaefermeyer was born on January 28, 1919. He joined the Air Force as a career officer and lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming with his wife Geraldine (1927-2004) in 1950, and Amarillo, Texas in 1952-1956. Since 1974 (perhaps since 1968) they have lived in Alexandria, Virginia. They have a son, Michael J. Schaefermeyer.

Micromounters Hall of Fame notes:

Upon retiring from the U.S. Air Force in 1968 Fred realized that a hobby was necessary, so while employed by the 3M Company (1969-1983) he took up lapidary during evenings making cabs, etc. and discovering there were crystallized minerals to collect. After buying many mineral books and subscribing to the Mineralogical Record in 1976, he decided he needed additional education and took three quarters of Geology and one quarter each of chemistry and mineralogy at a community college. His interest in micromounting began when attending a micromounters conference. A microscope purchase followed. Fred has about 6,000 micromounts in his collection and about 1,000 more used for trading and sharing. He was awarded an AFMS trophy for his display of pyrite micromounts, an AFMS award for his slide program "Minerals in Lava Flows," and the "Golden Microscope" award. He enjoys demonstrating, micromounting, and speaking at regional mineral clubs and mineral shows. Fred has chaired or co-chaired the Atlantic Micromounters Conference yearly from 1991 through 1996 and teaches mineral identification at Wildacres. He is well known for his leadership of the Micromineralogists of the National Capitol Area, contributing to their noteworthy growth during a time when most mineral related clubs were experiencing a decline in membership. Fred is one of a very few elected to the Micromounters Hall of Fame who followed a pathway similar to that of Paul Seel, Ben Chromy, and Carroll Withers who actively promoted micromounting while occupying chairs of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies and/or a Regional Federation. Fred believes that learning more about minerals is his continuing interest and that the most interesting specimen is that unknown which needs identification.
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