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Charles H. Weber

Charles Henry "Charlie" Weber, Jr., was born in Nutley, New Jersey, on December 22, 1917, the son of Marie Frances Sipple and Charles Henry Weber, an inspector for a magnet manufacturing company. Charlie paid his way through Newark College of Engineering by spending his weekends in hotel ballrooms playing the violin as leader of a string quartet. His talents as a musician and his love of music were unknown to many, but they were strong, and he made sure that they were passed to his children and grandchildren.

On graduating as a chemical engineer, Charlie began working for E. I. Dupont. Throughout World War II, he was first assigned to the Remington Arms Division in Bridgeport, Connecticut, then faced subsequent moves to Wilmington, Delaware, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He subsequently joined Rolock Company in Fairfield, Connecticut, as chief engineer. Ultimately he established his own sales business as a Manufacturer's Representative, residing in Fairfield until his move to Guilford upon his retirement. A 50-year member of the Masons, Charlie was active in St. Albans Lodge No. 38 of Guilford at the time of his death.

Charlie's wife Marcelle (q.v.) may have had higher billing in mineral matters, but that was only because Charlie was right there holding up the signs. A man of quiet mien, but firm integrity, and subtle humor, he was often the one who manned the booth or the hotel room at mineral shows, selling subscriptions to the Mineralogical Record, a magazine they both supported so strongly, while Marcelle was scouting the dealers for minerals.

He loved nature, the outdoors, and fishing, but he loved Marcelle the most. Together, their influence on mineral collecting and micromounting was enormous. It was Charlie who supplied ultraŽsonic cleaners to many micromounters, and it was Charlie who knew suppliers and where to buy things. For mineral questions, one went to Marcelle, but for most other things, one went to Charlie.

The death of Charles Henry Weber Jr. on November 16, 2003, following that of his wife and life partner Marcelle in July, marked the end of a long saga in the world of mineral collecting in general and micromounting in particular. Charlie and Marcelle were a team in the truest sense of the word. The name charmarite for the new mineral they discovered in Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, in 1971, epitomizes their closeness, and Charlie's intense support of Marcelle's mineral endeavors. She found the minerals, but he broke the rocks for her.

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