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William S. Wise
(1933-    )

[from Sketches of the Faculty of the Derpartment of Earth Science, University of California Santa Barbara:]
Sometimes regarded as the geologist who never ages, Bill Wise was born and raised in Carson City, Nevada, where his father was an engineer for the fabled Virginia & Truckee Railway. He took his bachelor's degree at Stanford University, and then at Johns Hopkins University he did his 1961 doctoral research on the zeolitic alteration of the Eocene volcaniclastic underpinnings of the Cascade Range of Washington state. Many mineralogists consider Bill to be the world's expert on the occurrences and crystal chemistry of zeolite minerals. Among his many notable papers liberally sprinkled throughout the mineralogical literature are his descriptions of the first known occurrence of clinoptilolite crystals and of two new zeolite minerals. He is an expert on vanadium minerals, skarn, and industrial minerals at New Idria and Boron, California. His work also includes extensive geologic mapping and volcanologic studies of Mt. Hood, Oregon, Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and Pisgah Crater in the Mojave Desert. Bill taught various courses, including thermodynamics with petrologic applications, mineral paragenesis, and geochemistry.

After retiring from teaching and administrative duties in 1993, Bill wrote the zeolite section of Deer, Howie, and Zussman's 2004 volume 4B of Rock Forming Minerals, Silica Minerals, Feldspathoids, and the Zeolites. Currently, he is a member of the Commission on Natural Zeolites of the International Zeolite Association and a Senior Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America.

Micromounters' Hall of Fame notes:
William S. Wise was born and raised in Carson City, Nevada. He became interested in the earth sciences in his early teens, developing into an avid field collector and later to a micromounter. He earned a masters degree at Stanford University and a doctorate at The Johns Hopkins University. He served as Associate Dean for the Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Bill has authored or co-authored numerous papers on mineralogy including descriptions of new minerals, of which parnauite and goudeyite are examples. His numerous articles on the zeolites have contributed to his recognition as an authority in this field. Bill is well known among micromounters for his contributions for almost twenty years to the success of the Pacific Micromount Conferences. In addition to his annual lectures he is known for his "data sheets" on lecture subjects which are distributed to all conferees; these highly useful papers are prized. His availability to answer questions on mineralogy, to assist in mineral identification, and to share his knowledge has won him the respect and esteem of the micromounting fraternity. He is especially respected on the West Coast where he is often an active participant in amateur mineralogical projects sponsored by micromount groups and others. He was inducted into the Micromounters Hall of Fame in 1987.
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