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William Hunt
(1914-    )

William Hunt was born February 9, 1914.

Micromounters' Hall of Fame notes:
Bill Hunt became interested in minerals while living in Philadelphia where he was a member of the Mineral Society of Pennsylvania and of the Leidy Microscopical Society, being very active in both field collecting and micromounting. Undeterred by lack of a low-powered microscope he began a micromount collection using a hand lens for mounting and bottle caps for housing the micromounts. He donated this collection to the Micromounters Hall of Fame. After early retirement he moved to Sun City, Arizona, and joined the nearby Mineralogical Society of Arizona in Phoenix. He later organized the Sun City Micromounters, a group which has done extensive field collecting, including the searching out of old and "lost" localities, and compiling lists of minerals found there. In order to identify as many minerals as possible he built a micromount workshop in his home, including in it a chemical identification facility. Bill has lectured on this and other subjects at mineral clubs and at the Neal Yedlin Memorial Micromount Symposia held in conjunction with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society shows. He was an instigator and major contributor to the micromount collections at both the University of Arizona Mineralogical Museum and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum at Tucson, Arizona. His contributions to the publications Mineralogy of Arizona by Anthony, Williams and Bideaux, and Encyclopedia of Minerals by Roberts, Rapp and Weber were acknowledged. He is an outstanding example of sharing, having given uncounted numbers of egg crates of minerals from scores of localities to other micromounters and mineral collectors, both novice and advanced. Bill was noted for sharing mineral locality information , and when feasible, leading others to prized micromineral collecting localities. Bill is a micromounter's micromounter; he was inducted into the Micromounters Hall of Fame in 1984.
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