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 Deutsche Kolonial-Gesellschaft

The Deutsche Kolonial-Gesellschaft für Südwest-Afrika (DKG) was founded in 1887 as a lobbying organization for spreading propaganda in support of German colonialism. The society's membership consisted primarily of "colonial romantics" from the middle class who wanted to see an expansion of German colonialism similar to what the British had established. Goals included the profitable development of colonies, the acquisition of new colonial territories, the further penetration and exploration of the African continent for economic potential, the settling of German migrants in those areas, and informing the German public about the benefits of colonialization. In some cases the society represented the German government, as when negotiating treaties with local chieftains.

The DKG also supported German business interests by promoting German products in the colonies, and by encouraging domestic German purchases of farm goods and mining production from the colonies. The DKG even acquired mining properties directly, and had offices in Tsumeb. In this context it appears that the DKG actually built a mineral collection (probably kept in Germany for exhibition purposes) of specimens representative of the mineral wealth of Southwest Africa (Namibia), as evidenced by the label shown here. In 1896 the DKG sponsored the Colonial- and Transvaal Exhibition which promoted the mineral wealth of southern Africa. It was a major attraction of the times, bringing more than 2 million visitors to Berlin in seven months.

In 1914 the DKG numbered about 42,000 members. The society was merged with the Reichskolonialbund in 1933, and was disbanded in 1943 by Martin Bohrmann.

BULLARD, D. T. (2003) A Deterritorialized History: Investigating German Colonialism through Deleuze and Guattari. Master's Thesis, University of Victoria.
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