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Rudolf Simm

Austrian mineral collector Rudolf Simm was born in 1891, and married a sister of industrialist Richard Klinger, eventually joining Richard in partnership.

The Klinger Company, founded in Vienna in 1886, produced machine parts and rubber goods, and eventually also polishing and faceting machines for the gemstone industry; headquarters were moved to Gumpoldskirchen (a suburb of Vienna) in 1891. By 1906 the company had offices in Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and London. In 1912 Richard Klinger converted the privately held firm into a partnership in which his brothers and coworkers of many years, Gustav and Rudolf Klinger, as well as his brother-in-law Rudolf Simm, were partners. In the same year they established in Berlin-Templehof the first non-Austrian production site, which began production in 1913, while at Gumpoldskirchen, where Simm was Director, over 300 workers were employed on the production line. The company incorporated in 1931. Eventually the company also dealt in the sale of raw mineral materials, perhaps an inspiration for Rudolf Simm's own mineral collection. By 1973 the factory in Austria had over 1,000 employees.

Rudolf Simm lived in Gumpoldskirchen (south of Vienna), at Wiener Strasse 98. His collection of about 900 mineral specimens, most of them measuring around 5 x 7 to 7 x 9 cm, was not especially large. It was systematically arranged in drawers, with a small display case on top. Simm only rarely collected his own specimens in the field; most were purchased from nearby mineral dealer Anton Berger in Mödling.

After the death of his wife, Simm lost interest in his collection and he began selling off individual pieces. He died on November 23, 1979.

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