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Bartel Granigg

Bartel Granigg was born in Hüttenberg, Carinthia, Austria on January 25, 1883, the son of a family of miners, and attended middle school in Klagenfurt. He attended the University of Geneva, receiving his PhD in physical sciences in 1907, then enrolled at the Leoben Mining School in Austria, receiving there his PhD in mining engineering 1909. He joined the faculty at Leoben and within a few years was promoted to full Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology.

Granigg worked as a mining engineer at Schneeberg, Saxony, and in the Idria mercury mines. He was later appointed Professor at the Graz (Austria) Technical College. His labels in our collection are dated 1910-1914. In 1925 he was invited to Turkey for the purpose of evaluating the country's iron and coal reserves, with a view toward establishing an iron and steel industry there.

Granigg was a prominent geologist of his time; he pioneered the use of reflected-light ore microscopy, and techniques for the magnetic separation of crushed ore. He is the author of, among many other works, Die Laggerstätten nutzbarer Mineralien ("Deposits of the Useful Minerals") (1951). Granigg died in Vienna on January 18, 1951.

HIESLEITNER, G. (1953) Bartel Granigg †. Mineralogy and Petrology, 3 (2), 89-92.
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