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Reinhard  Wüster

Reinhard Wüster was born in Elberfeld, Germany on February 10, 1892, the son of an industrialist. He attended high school in Kassel, and completed an apprenticeship in the mines of the upper district in Dortmund, then studied in Munich, Berlin and Clausthal-Zellerfeld as a mining engineer. He was appointed Bergreferendar in 1914 and Bergassessor in 1920. From 1920 to 1924 he was employed by the Bergbau-Verein (Mining Club) in Essen and by the editors of the magazine Glückauf. Wüster was subsequently employed at various companies: in 1924 as department manager at Aufbereitungs AG in Dortmund, in 1929 as Director of the German representative of the Birtley Company in Dortmund, and in 1935 at Westfalia-Dinnendahl-Gröppel-AG in Bochum. He also made study trips to coal processing plants in England, France and Russia.

In 1940 Wüster became the executive director of the Association of German Miners, an organization that included all mining and technical employees, with around 10,000 members. He was also appointed to head the technology group at the Reich Coal Association. On January 1, 1945 he was retained as an official representative of Dr. Martin Sogemeier in the management of coal mines and was appointed deputy director of the mining association.

In April 1945, under the British military administration, Wüster was charged with the management of the newly established supply center for the German industry, which was responsible for supplying the miners with accommodations, clothing and food, and for the provision of repair materials to the companies involved. In this role, Wüster earned accolades for his great organizational skills. After the founding of the German Coal Mining Administration (DKBL) and the replacement of the supply center, he was recruited in early 1948 by the Board of DKBL, but had to retire in 1953 due to illness.

In 1949 a Mining Museum was founded in Bochum by the Friends of Art and Culture, and Wüster took over as vice-chair. He died on July 17, 1954 in Oberstdorf.

Reinhard Wüster built a substantial mineral collection. The Mineralogical Record Label Archive has a Wüster label dated 1928 corresponding to specimen no. 5299, which suggests that the collection was already quite large at that point. After his death, half of the collection was purchased by the Mineralogical Museum at the University of Bonn (in 1957/1958), with funds provided by various institutions. The other half of the collection went to the Institut für Lagerstättenkunde und Rohstoffkunde in Berlin (a part of the Technical University of Berlin).

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