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 Heidelberger Mineralien-Comptoir
(1804-    )

The Heidelberger Mineralien-Comptoir was one of the earliest mineral dealerships in Europe, tracing its roots back to 1804 when a 25-year-old tax inspector (Steuerassessor) named Karl von Leonhard began occasionally dealing in minerals. Leonhard eventually became a prominent name among the mineralogists of Europe, having founded an important professional journal (which still exists) and published numerous books and articles. His mineral business grew in importance as well, and in time he passed on the management of the dealership to a succession of eager young men. The business ultimately operated for over 125 years, and during its heyday it was one of the leading such enterprises in the world, with a stock of over 40,000 specimens.

See Karl Caesar von Leonhard.
See J. Lommel.

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