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Cornelius Ditscheiner
(fl. 1881-1908)

Cornelius Ditscheiner was the proprietor of Ditscheiner's Mineralien und Naturalien Handlung in Vienna, Austria. He became a member of the German and Austrian Alpine Society in 1881, and in 1887 the Royal Imperial Natural History Museum reported purchasing specimens from him. Ditscheiner was listed among the "good mineral dealers" of Vienna in 1891, at I Parkring 2. In 1900 the museum reported obtaining 10 specimens of fischerite from him; in 1903 another 7 mineral specimens (from Felsobanya); the museum purchased another six specimens in 1908. The catalog of the famous mineral collector Hans von Karabacek shows purchases from Ditscheiner during the early years of the 20th century. In 1911 Ditscheiner was serving as Secretary for the Wiener Coleopterologen-Verein ("Vienna Coleopterologists' Society"). He may have been the son of the prominent Viennese physicist and mathematician Leander Ditscheiner (1839-1905), known for his work on birefringence in minerals.
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