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J. H. R. Molson

John ("Jackie") Henry Robinson Molson was born in Kingston, Ontario on June 5, 1826, the son of Martha and Thomas Molson and a favored grandchild of the founder of Molson's Brewery in Montreal, John Molson. The Molson family also ran a foundry, a ship yard, and a steamship line that traveled the St. Lawrence Seaway. JHR inherited the brewery (at the age of 9) upon his grandfather's death in 1836, eventually renaming it "J. H. R. Molson & Bros" in 1861. He also served as President of Molson's Bank (which printed its own currency). In 1873 he married Louise Goddard Frothingham, but he died without heirs on May 31, 1897.

John H. R. Molson's contributions to his beloved Montréal are the stuff of legend. In fact, he gave so freely of his time and money to McGill University, that he was offered the position of Chancellor (which he modestly declined). The J. H. R. Molson Laboratory of Pathology at McGill University in Montreal was named in his honor, in recognition of his generous contributions.

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