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Silas C.  Young

Silas Cutler Young (also spelled Youngs) was born in Edenville, New York on February 11, 1823, the son of Harriet Houston and Rev. James Parshall Youngs, a country doctor. He married Margaret Ann Campbell in Edenville in 1858, and together they had four daughters. It was his habit to always wear a tall white silk hat.

Silas gave his occupation on the 1860 Warwick census as "merchant," but around that time he began to collect minerals, probably with his father, James P. Young. On the 1870 Warwick and 1880 Edenville censuses he gave his occupation as "mineralogist," indicating that he was very active in the science and perhaps also earned income by trading in specimens. Family chronicles (Young, 1907) refer to him having been a mineralogist with an excellent mineral collection.

According to Canfield (1923), he built a collection of mineral specimens from Orange County, New York and from the zinc mines at Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey, none of which came from the collection of his father. In 1887 he donated a small collection of 24 specimens (warwickite, yttrocerite, houghite, leucopyrite, xanttrite and jeffersonite from near Edenvile) to the New York State Museum in Albany. He died October 4, 1898 in Edenville, and 16 years later his heirs sold his collection to the New York State Museum for $1,000.

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