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Frank McMillan  Stanton

Frank McMillan Stanton was born in New York City on May 23, 1865, the son of Elizabeth Romaine McMillan and John Stanton, long involved in copper mining and one of the founders and first President of the New York Mining Stock Exchange. Frank graduated from the Columbia School of Mines as a Mining Engineer in 1887. He and his brother, John Robert Stanton, acquired prominence and reputation in the development of low-grade copper ores in the Michigan Copper Country. He worked first as a surveyor and assayer for the Central mine, then accepted a position with the Atlantic Mining Company, advancing rapidly to superintendant, a post he held with great success for 23 years. He married Kathryn Marie Rodolf.

He retired temporarily due to ill health in 1910, and spent an extended period of time touring the mines of continental Europe to investigate their mining methods and collect minerals. Upon his return to Michigan he was appointed Treasurer and Director of the Michigan Copper Mining Company, and the White Pine Extension Copper Company. He also served as President of the Fort Mountain Talc Company in Georgia, and was associated with several other large business operations. He died on September 12, 1916. He bequeathed his mineral collection, very rich in Michigan Copper Country specimens, to his brother John, who combined it with his own collection and later sold it all to Mengo L. Morgenthau in New York for $4,000.

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