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Archibald MacMartin

Archibald M. MacMartin was born in New Jersey in 1845, the son of Harriet and Peter MacMartin, a wealthy "gentleman." The family was living in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1850, and by 1860 had moved to New York City. Archibald graduated from Princeton University in 1863 (A.B. Degree), 1866 (A.M. Degree) and 1868 (Mining Engineering Degree).

Chadwick (2009) wrote: "A bequest by Archibald MacMartin, class of 1868, enriched Princeton's holdings by some 2,500 mineral specimens, representing a range of classic localities throughout Europe and the United States. The excellence of MacMartin's personal collection was noted in several publications upon his death. The volume of displayed and display-worthy pieces that came from his gift constitutes the stron¬gest evidence for the quality and preparation of these specimens." (The Catalogue of Princeton University for 1901 gives the total as 2,600 specimens.)

He died in New York on May 7, 1881, leaving his collection to Princeton.

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