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G. Albers
(1870-    )

August ("Gus") Albers was born in Ohio in March 1870, the son of Elizabeth Albers, a German immigrant. In 1885 Gus and his brother (or cousin) Albert Albers were both working as wood engravers and living with their widowed mother at 195 Laurel Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gus offered thumbnail and miniature-size mineral specimens for sale via ads in The Exchanger's Monthly from 1889 to 1890. The fossil Crania albersi was named "in honor of August Albers, an active Cincinnati collector and artist." He donated a number of fossils to the Smithsonian Institution in 1906.

In 1908 he married a woman named Sophie and was working as a teamster for a trucking company in 1910. (They had two children, George and Alvina.) In 1920 he was working in a soap factory. He died in 1927-1930.

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