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Hermann Kraft
(fl. 1918-ca. 1974)

Hermann Kraft was a mineral collector from Berlin-Friedrichshagen who built up a huge and excellent collection before World War II. Kraft started collecting around 1918, mostly celestine crystals from the nearby limestone quarries in Rüdersdorf but, in the early 1920s also in the Harz and the Erzgebirge region. Although he was not college-educated, he managed to become very proficient in geology, mineralogy, petrography, crystallography etc.

When Kraft lost his collection in World War II, he started again in 1945, focusing more and more on old classics (including Tsumeb!). For more than 25 years Kraft read every article on earth sciences he was able to get, spent days copying literature in the library and went to every public lecture that was of interest for him. He developed a kind of compendium that he planned to publish one day, but that never happened.

Kraft died ca. 1974 after selling his collection to Dr. Bernhard Klose, who continued his style of labeling. Klose sold Kraft specimens to collectors all over the world. His label style is also identical to that of Artur Körner, likewise a collector from Berlin-Friedrichshagen.
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The Mineralogical Record - Hermann Kraft 36 x 66 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Hermann Kraft 36 x 66 mm
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