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Bernhard Klocke
(fl. 1852-1869-    )

Bernhard Klocke was a German mineral dealer in Dresden and Gorlitz, Germany. He was probably born in or near Dresden in the 1810s or 1820s. He worked in 1853 for Hoppe & Company in Dresden, a freight forwarding business. But he also had a connection to the mining community, a strong interest in minerals, and was a field-collector. Bernhard Klocke served as Chairman of the Mining Board of the St. Michaelis drainage tunnel project in Dresden in 1852. “Herrn Conservators Klocke in Dresden” are referred to in 1855, suggesting that he had started his mineral business by that time. The Allgemeine deutsche naturhistorische Zeitung of the Isis Society in Dresden reported in 1856 that Bernhard Klocke had collected (perhaps in 1855) a greenish yellow beryl crystal about an inch long from a syenite at Plauen near Dresden.

In October 1855 there is reference to a letter from “des Mineralogen [Mineralogist] B. Klocke in Görlitz,” suggesting that he had formally taken the profession of mineralogist and moved to Görlitz earlier that same year. In 1855 Klocke was listed as “Hrn. Kaufmann [dealer] B. Klocke in Görlitz” in Jahres-Bericht der Schlesischen Gesellschaft für Vaterländische Kultur,Volume 33; he specialized in mineral specimens from Schliesen, and joined the German Geological Society in 1861.

Klocke also published an article on Schliesen minerals in Neuen Lausitzischen Magazin in 1862 (Minerals und ihre Fundorte in Schlesien und angrenzenden Lãndern.), an article on the minerals of the Görlitz area in Abhandlungen der naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Görlitz in 1856-1857; an article in Zeitschrift der deutschen geologischen Gesellschft in 1863; and in 1863 he published "Neue Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Mineralien Schlesiens und der angrenzenden Länden" (Neuen Lausitzischen Magazin).

In 1866 some references cite “Herren Mineralogen Klocke und Conservator Peck”; Peck was a conservator in the Natural History Museum in Görlitz, and may have worked with Klocke. Other references exist giving his residence in Görlitz through 1869. There are no references to Klocke after 1869, suggesting that he may have died in that year.
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